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Our partners

We work alongside the best professionals in our industry to ensure an exceptional level of service and environmentally responsible work practices. 

What we do

Formed in 2012, Boarder Contracting Limited (BCL) has established a skilled and experienced Civil Engineering capability for the construction and maintenance of public and private infrastructure in Jersey.

Community focused

At BCL we recognise the potential environmental impacts of the traditional construction processes and aim to make real improvements to people’s lives by focussing on sustainability within our projects, throughout the supply chain and within the community we operate.


We are also aware that the most sustainable solution is usually the most economical to our clients and with the current climate emergency there has never been a better time to take positive action. BCL therefore wish to engage fully with their clients to ensure opportunities for social, environmental, and economic improvement, are fully incorporated into the design and construction of Civil Engineering projects from the outset.

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